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KW Tip of the Day: Sports

Here's your "Kid Whispers" Tip of the Day: Sports

Do you like to play sports? Or watch them in person or on TV? Yes? Fine - enjoy. Get that exercise, keep track of players and teams. Enjoy yourself.

No? That's ok. Lots of people think sports are overrated, boring, ridiculous and the players are way overpaid. So get interested in something else. Root for debate teams. Science teams. Whatever is going on near you.

Don't play sports? No problems - but get some exercise. Even if you don't want to leave your room, walk in place for 20 minutes while watching your fav TV show or reading that assignment. Or play with your dog. Or walk around the block after dinner. Find something to do to get your muscles enjoying being alive.

KW Tip of the Day: Earth

Here's your "Kid Whispers" Tip of the Day: Mother Earth

2008 provided lots of weird weather, tornadoes, drought, blizzards, floods, earthquakes, diseases trees felling entire forests. Mother Earth is mad. Think about one think you can do to help the Earth feel better.

KW Tip of the Day: Thanksgiving

Here's your "Kid Whispers" Tip of the Day: Give thanks.

Go to your family's required Thanksgiving celebration whether you want to or not. Or, if you're in a country where today is not Thanksgiving, gather up a few friends, or make a special meal for your family.

Think for a moment. Is there anything you can be thankful for about the people you're with? Friendship? Unconditional love from family members? A sibling to be there in 30 years? Memories of our Past?

Give a silent "thanks" for what is in your life.

KW Tip of the Day: Education

Here's your "Kid Whispers" Tip of the Day: Get an education.

Stop. I'm not saying go to college - we're not that kind of people. If you want to go, then go. Don't let anything stop you.

But if you don't... do what you an to get a basic education: reading, writing, practical math (budgeting, managing your checking and savings accounts, calculating taxes & tips, etc.). Then get a job while you learn something else. Something that interests you. THAT's an education.

KW Tip of the Day: Friendship

Here's your "Kid Whispers" Tip of the Day: Be a friend. Help a neighbor carry in groceries. Listen to someone rant about the schoolwork. Give a hug to a classmate who everyone else ignores.