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Videos to Overcome Stuttering

Tween can be a little shy, has nervous habits like twitching and stuttering, and has OCD to a small extent (brought on, I believe, by ADHD drugs similar to Ritalin). We came up with a little school project to help these. The videos can also fulfill the state's requirement for "speaking" on the curriculum. So, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, we make a short video, on any topic he wants to talk about.

Wednesday was our first video, which he talked about his favorite breakfast: vanilla goat yogurt. We filmed it in the dining room, with an old green sheet covering some things. He did kinda ok, was really nervous and the twitching and nervous habits are obvious. Here it is below:

We shot his second video today - about his favorite drink: Blue Machine by Naked Juice. We filmed it in the living room; in the background were the stairs going up to the bedroom level. I'm surprised the dog didn't enter the screen! He didn't stutter nearly as much, and the nervous habits seem to be a little less but that could be a coincidence! He did ramble on a bit. Here's the link on youtube for this second vid: - be sure to watch it, leave a comment, and mark it as a favorite. Pass along the link, too. I feel sure that will help boost his self-esteem.

Thank you for your support in our project!

Updated April 28 2009: Welcome to the Carnival of Homeschooling!

Is HomeSchooling Tax Deductible?

Homeschooling must not count for much in the gool ole USA. At least, not by the IRS.

I was told, over the years, that expenses to educate my child at home can be taken off on taxes. We had help this year, and were adamantly told NO! That unless I'm a qualified teacher, then there's no way education is a legitimate expense. But the state I live in says a parent is considered a teacher and holding a school if they homeschool.

I'll look into this and will see what I can find out. Meanwhile... comments?