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KW Tip of the Day: Homework

Here's your "Kid Whispers" Tip of the Day: Homework

Yuck. Who really likes the piles of homework you get every day? Reading to do. Math equations to solve. Calculations and assumptions to come up with.

Homework isn't just a torture that adults came up with. It's to help you learn and remember what you've learned. If you learn about "World War II", then the details will stick in your mind when you have to write a little essay about how it began or weapons used or countries involved. Later on in life, you may assign yourself homework, although you won't call it that.

What is your favorite homework? And your least favorite?

KW Tip of the Day: Intuition

Here's your "Kid Whispers" Tip of the Day: Intuition

Everyone has it. Intuition, I mean. Gut feelings. It's something in you that seemingly points the way. Kinda like your conscience, but more on your deepest inner level.

YOU have it. Listen to it. You ARE intuitive, and don't let anyone ever tell you different.

KW Tip of the Day: Politics

Here's your "Kid Whispers" Tip of the Day: Politics

Eeek. Haven't we heard enough politics recently to last a lifetime? Well, no, not really. It's part of every day life. Not just on a government level, but also in business and in families.

Here's a link to Wikipedia's definition of politics: ( ). Basically, it's the behavior of groups that make decisions. Whenever two or more people are in a group, there's politics. Wanted or not. And things can go smoothly or along a rough road.

What do you feel about politics? Your family's? Your school's? Your country's government? If you were in charge of any of them, what would you do?

KW Tip of the Day: Doctors

Here's your "Kid Whispers" Tip of the Day: Doctors

This is the time of the year when we almost always need to see the doctor: Cold and flu. Check-ups. Innoculations. Injuries. Overeating. Undereating. Obesity. Anxiety. Stress.

Doctors don't know everything, but they do know a lot. They went to school, studied textbooks, talked with knowledgeable people, and practiced working on people and dummies. While they aren't right a lot, they do more than lay-people. So, when you really have to see a doctor, please take a listen. Does it seem right to you? Do you feel like he/she knows enough to help your situation? If not, ask to see someone else. Trust your gut. Trust your family to help you find answers to your medical problems.

KW Tip of the Day: Peer Pressure

Here's your "Kid Whispers" Tip of the Day: Peer Pressure

What exactly is "peer pressure"? According to this website: ( ), it's being "encouraged" to do something, whether good or bad, and whether or not you want to do it. You may do it to be accepted by people your age, or to avoid getting in trouble, or beat up. And a peer isn't just someone your age. It could be someone in your community, or on the TV, or a music icon.

Do you experience peer pressure? Do people, especially kids your age, attempt to convince you to do something you don't particularly want to do? How do you handle it? Could you handle it differently? Do you ever talk about this with other kids?

What was the last thing you felt pressured to do? What did you do?

KW Tip of the Day: Music

Here's your "Kid Whispers" Tip of the Day: Music

What music do you like the best? Rock? Oldies? HipHop? Jazz? Classical? What is your favorite music, and why?

KW Tip of the Day: Labels

Here's your "Kid Whispers" Tip of the Day: Stop the labels!

Giving kids labels is in vogue these days. "My kid is an Indigo Child." "My kid is Autistic." "My Kid is Honor Roll ... again."

"Starseed" .. "Crystal" .. "Retarded" .. "ADD/ADHD" ... and on and on and on.

Stop the labels. Tell people you are NOT a label. Let you be who you are ... no matter if you have special traits, gifts or abilities, you're still a human and should be treated as such. Everyone is special in their own way. Which means no one is not special.