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KW Tip of the Day: Health

Here's your "Kid Whispers" Tip of the Day: Health

How healthy are you? Did you get this flu or virus that's going around? Do you eat right, exercise, and stay away from things that pollute your body?

We can't replace our bodies in this life time. Do your best for your body, and it will do it's best for you.

What health issues concern you?

Hi to Rob Robb

Kids, you may have heard of Rob Robb, or maybe know of him. He's a lot like you. He's warm and friendly. Loving. And very much himself. He never puts on a show, and prefers to hold true to himself in all things.

Rob: We haven't spoken for a while, and your assistant, Emily, too. My thoughts are with you.

Family Fun Time: Battleship

We continued our Family Fun Time last night. Son got his schoolwork done within the new time frame, so he chose Christmas Karoake and after that, the game Battleship that we just bought.

It gave us a chance to be together and have fun. Had a few arguments, but hey, can't change the world overnight!

KW Tip of the Day: Favorite Game

Here's your "Kid Whispers" Tip of the Day: Favorite Game

What game do you like to play: Scrabble? Clue? Twister? Baseball? Super Mario Brothers? What game do you play whenever you get the chance?

KW Tip of the Day: Pet

Here's your "Kid Whispers" Tip of the Day: Pet

We recently got a pet at a local shelter, a little Chihuahua named Spirit. That was her name when we got her, and since it so appropriately fit her, we kept it. She has brought a lot of laughs to our house, and a lot of responsibility. Remembering to walk 3-4 times a day (good exercise), picking up after her, feeding, watering, playing with her, teaching her, clipping her nails, giving her baths, vet check-ups, etc. There's a lot of thinking involved here. But in return, she loves us, despite our foibles.

Tell us about your pet. If you don't have one, what would you dream pet be?

Family Fun Time Begins

Remember the problem we'd been having with Son, who didn't want to do schoolwork, and would procrastinate an unbelievable amount? Turns out Son has been having a hard time because he was lonely. He wanted to spend more time with us Parents, rather, more quality time. Even though we would hug and kiss and play, he wanted more time specifically devoted to having Family Time.

We made a deal. He agreed to do his schoolwork and chores by 3:00 p.m. each day, and if he did, we (Parents) would spend 2-3 hours that night having Family Fun Time. Board games. Karoake. Walks with the Dog. Tug-a-Rope with Dog. Puzzles. Go out and do something fun but cheap.

We counted our board games, puzzles, cards, karoke music disks, etc. We have enough to do a "new" thing each night for 2 months without repeats.

Today was our first day of this Agreement. He was finished with his schoolwork by 12:30, so we left the house by 12:45 to get some more karoke music, looked at books, etc. Came home, took a walk, ate dinner, and sang Elvis tunes with the karoke machine. Yes, we had fun.

Day 1: Successful.

KW Tip of the Day: Inventions

Here's your "Kid Whispers" Tip of the Day: Inventions

The last two centuries have seen an explosion of wonderful time-saving inventions. What do you think was the very first invention? How about ... what do you think is the best invention ever, and why?

KW Tip of the Day: Favorite Book

Here's your "Kid Whispers" Tip of the Day: Favorite Book

Do you like to read? If so, what's your favorite book and why?

If you don't, why not? Maybe you like the funny pages in the newspaper, or comic books, or sports articles or fix-it magazines. If you like to read anything, what is it?

KW Tip of the Day: Holidays

Here's your "Kid Whispers" Tip of the Day: Holidays

No matter what country you live in, there are at least a couple of holidays, religious or otherwise. Each has it's own celebration and customs. Some holidays mean pigging out on special foods, and others mean you fast (not eat). There's going to your place of worship, dying eggs, giving gifts, begging for candy, singing, dancing, parades and more.

What is your favorite holiday and why?