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School Lunches

We recently found this link:

It really doesn't affect our little family but it does most other families we know. Unhealthy menu choices and soda machines and fast-food-franchises in cafeterias equals temptations too strong for kids to make healthy choices.

The above site had some good ideas, but try to take it further. Petition your school board to eliminate all fast food, soda machines, sugary drinks, and non-nutritive food choices. Request a salad bar, fresh fruit, baked/not fried foods, juice/water/milk.

Also, the place to begin change is at home. Discuss nutrition and health at the dinner table. Calories versus quickness. So much to talk about - pick a topic for every meal. Perhaps if you help them plan healthy dinner menus and grocery trips, you can help them better choose healthy options at school.

Give it a try.

Kids: tell your parents to read this! There's nothing more important in your life than YOU !!!


What are your resolutions for the new year? Aren't you tired of being asked that question? Want to lose weight? Quit smoking? Stop binging/purging? Stop arguing with family?

How about, instead of making resolutions (which are basically being set up for failure), how about just tell yourself every day to do a little better and a little better.

KW Tip of the Day: Winter Vacation

Here's your Kid Whispers' Tip of the Day: Winter Vacation

Most kids (at least in the USA) have had the last week or so off from school. How did you spend your time? Family? Party? Sledding or skating? Reading? Playing Games? Sulking? Being yelled at?

Give us details...

KW Tip of the Day: Favorite Room

Here's your Kid Whispers' Tip of the Day: Your Favorite Room

What your favorite room in the house? Your bedroom? The kitchen? Family room or exercise room?

What's your fav room and why?