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Plan for High School in Our Home

My question: how do we school at home, freely and unobstructed, and still come away with legitimate "credits" that are acceptable at any college? My Kid wants to go to film school as soon as he can, so we need good solid proof of learning and credit that will get him in.

I read somewhere that if one "unschools" then giving your child credits is "opening a whole can of worms" that needs to stay closed. Thing is, I want to do what I can -- tracking his progress and learning and skills -- in the best manner for him. So he can go to film school or do whatever he wants to accomplish in life.

Plans to take in "high school" years (plans, but may not necessarily take them all):

-brush-up on essentials
-algebra 1

-Animal Husbandry
-Earth Science
-Physical (chemistry, etc)
-Botany with Therapeutic Herbalism

Social Studies:
-World History
-U.S./American History
-U.S. Government / Constitution / Civics

-create his own language (HELP!)
-Sign Language
-Greek and Latin

Language Arts:
-writing (to include a fiction series, movie script, etc)
-analysis of literature

-write a movie script
-movie making/file producing

Life Skills/Electives:
-home ec (cooking, nutrition, sewing, etc.)
-managing money
-handling criticism, problem solving, etc
-auto repair
-computer building
-computer programming


(1) how do I track his learning and progress and skills so that it translates into a transcript and credits for him?

(2) how do I make his high school years full of learning but make it a whole lot more fun than the last few years have been?

Thank you!