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Family Fun Time Stopped Cold

Son had finished his lighter-than-usual schoolwork just fine yesterday so we were determined to do another Family Fun Time after dinner. Unfortunately, his Mama nearly choked to death. Literally.

Did you know that choking causes a huge headache, and pain in the neck, collarbones and other assorted areas? And, did you know that not everyone remembers to do the international sign for choking when they ARE choking?

Maybe we'll have fun tonight.

Family Fun Time: Uno

We had so much fun last night. Son has a light week this week: math and doing his Christmas project for relatives, so he was well ready for Hubby to come home from work and errands. I fixed shrimp and sashimi and rice, and after we ate, game time began!

Well, kinda. While we played Uno (the card game), I folded laundry. Well, a woman's work...

We played six games of Uno, and we each won two! Funny how that worked out. We had so much fun laughing and playing, that Son almost peed his pants from his huge cracked-voice guffaws.
Family Fun Time was a good idea. Have you started your own yet? You really should!

KW Tip of the Day: Pizza

Here's your "Kid Whispers" Tip of the Day: Pizza

We like rice crust pizza, then some with soy cheese (for one lactose-intolerant) and some with pepperoni, and some with bacon and onion. One will eat anything on it. And, occasionally, we like Pizza Hut.

What's your favorite pizza?

KW Tip of the Day: Planet

Here's your "Kid Whispers" Tip of the Day: Planet

This planet is very messed up. Global warming. Pollution. Drought. Floods. Earthquakes. Hurricanes. Tornadoes. Sinkholes.

Become a "planet protector".... as a kid, what can YOU do to help protect and/or heal our planet?