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7th Grade Started

We decided to change up some things so our kid started "7th grade" the first of July, and will continue through the end of December. From then, our school year will be a calendar year, taking several weeks off when appropriate for family vacations and so forth.

So... we're 5 weeks into the 7th Grade. Already read Diary of Anne Frank and are working on Journey to the Center of the Earth. Working on getting better at division, and did great with the intro to geometry. Studying American History... so far, the First World War, the time right after with the Jazz Age and Prohibition, and beginning Second World War and Depression next week. Science includes studying cells and atoms - loves it!

We don't have the time right now to do the regular speaking videos and posting them on YouTube. Maybe when 8th grade starts in January.

That's just a quick note about what we're doing!