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KW Tip of the Day: Ritalin

Here's your Kid Whispers' Tip of the Day: Ritalin

Ritalin is a drug most known for being prescribed to people/children with ADD/ADHD. It hasn't been around very long, but... "About six million children, roughly one in eight children, will take Ritalin, Adderall, Concerta or other ADHD medications." (Source: )

We're wondering ... (1) do you take Ritalin; (2) if you do, do you feel it helps you?

KW Tip of the Day: Poem

Here's your Kid Whispers' Tip of the Day: Write (or read) a poem

Most kids have to read poetry as part of schoolwork, but when was the last time you read a poem ... just because?

Read or write one today. If you'd like to share, add it as a comment here.

KW Tip of the Day: Holidays

Here's your KW Tip of the Day: Holidays

Not everyone celebrates Christmas. Most people at least put on the show ... the decorated house... the special cards and family newsletters ... the parties ... the family gatherings... it goes on and on.

Some people remember the real reason behind Christmas.

But those who celebrate just to celebrate, it's ok. It's a special time of year when people tend to love each other more, and smile a little more. Enjoy yourself. Don't allow depression or being away from your school friends to get to you. Wonderful tasty treats. Unbelievably powerful smells. Scenery and special lights.

Enjoy your moment. Enjoy your holiday.... whatever it may be.

And Merry Christmas, from our family to yours.

KW Tip of the Day: Food

Here's your KW Tip of the Day: Food

This is the time of year where people are expected to eat everywhere they go ... parties, school lunchrooms, family gatherings, etc.
  • What is your favorite food?
  • Why is your favorite food?

KW Tip of the Day: Bullies

Here's your KW Tip of the Day: Bullies

A bully is someone who makes other people (especially kids) feel scared, sick, embarrassed, lonely and hurt. They might push or use other physical force, or even just call names to threaten, teas or just say mean things. They might take something of yours, intimidate a friend, and, in general, make people sad. Now we have cyber-bullies who use the internet, facebook, myspace and other methods to do horrible things to other people.

The problem of bullying affects a lot of kids, but also some adults. Most people have been bullied. And the stress of dealing with bullies can make us feel sick.

Most bullies do what they do because they are looking for attention. They think it might make them popular, or help them get anything they want. Or make them more important. Bullying makes someone feel powerful. Falsely powerful. They might think that being mean and shouting is the best way to relate to others. Maybe they have someone bullying them.

What can you do?
Don't give a bully the chance. Ignore him; pretend you don't hear him and just walk away to a place of safety. Take a different route to avoid him. If you can't avoid him, be brave and stand up to him. Sometimes that's enough to stop him. Stand up and say "No! "Stop It!" in a loud voice. But don't be fake about being brave - look confident, and you'll soon BE confident. Feel good about yourself. Get a buddy and walk together. Helps with confidence. Stick up for a buddy, or anyone who's being bullied.

If someone messes with you online, don't be afraid to be a tattletale: tell an adult you trust! Don't believe a word people say about you. Ignore them. Maybe take a break from the computer for a while so that a trusted adult can work on the problem.

But ... don't bully or physically-fight back. A physical altercation is just what the bully may be looking for, and it can be dangerous.

Plan ahead. Talk with your buddy(s) about what you will do, and how.

Remember to tell a trusted adult. He/She might have a good idea to help you. Or you can talk here, to us. We'll listen.