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Advice Needed on Textbooks

I'm planning the Kid's high school curriculum because he starts 9th grade in August. Looking for textbooks (or good "for dummies" books) for the 9th grade courses below. I want only one or two or maximum three books per course. If you have suggestions, please comment asap!

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Successful Living: Description: Training in relating to authority, making right choices, handling criticism, self-control, self-reliance, good health/hygiene and appearance, reproduction, sex, STDs, smoking, illegal drugs, prescription drugs, alcohol, manners, etiquette, special emphasis on experiences that bond the family together such as developing traditions, fostering family time with conversation, balancing work/family, and celebration of holidays. Final grade: written test including planning a month of Friday Night Family Fun Times.

Consumer/Everyday Math: Description: How to effectively use math in daily life: manage bank accounts, fill out state/federal tax returns, personal finance, purchasing (small items AND big items like house and car), comparing prices, insurance, gas mileage, inesting, budgeting, money management, frugal living, planning for retirement, financial freedom, and how to complete a loan application. Day to day personal finances. Final grade: written test AND setting up a bank account AND working out a personal budget.

Earth Science: Description: Earth's structure, rocks and minerals and Earth's resources, forces that change the earth including lessons on plate tectonics, earthquakes, volcanoes and erosion, and earth's history of change through the fossil record. Oceanography (sources of water, currents and climage, and structure of ocean environment) and atmospheric science (weather/climate). Final grade: written test AND 10 page report OR 3D demonstration of a volcano erupting!

Home Economics: Description: Cooking, food preparation, menu planning, food purchasing, intro to nutrition, yogurt-making, cheese-making, canning/preserving, laundry, cleaning, sewing. Will plan and prepare/cook one dish each week during the course. Final grade: 1 meal, 1 sewn item, and a written test.

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We have lots of cookbooks, and some basic math/science books. For the home ec... did I miss anything?

If I can't find what I want, I guess I could write them but would like to at least SEE what's available! So... any suggestions?

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